E-commerce Business Plan Template

It is important to consider writing an e-commerce business plan even if you don’t have to show your plan to anyone else or even if you do not need any funding for the business. Creating a business plan helps you strategize your plan for the future and helps you understand the future sales growth. Generating a business plan helps you look at any problem that might occur in the future and thus being able to find a solution to the problem before hand.

  • A good business plan includes quite a few elements. It will need an executive summary which is usually the last thing you write in a business plan; however it is the first part of it. The executive summary is the portion that summarizes the other parts of the business plan. The second element is the company’s description, which includes a general idea of the company, the products that they have on sale, its competitive advantages etc.
  • The business plan also includes the marketing analysis, which shows how you would market and advertise your website and your business. It helps you find your targeted audience and thus marketing your products to them. There is also an inclusion of organization and management in which you include the owner of the business, the managing department and everyone else who is involved in the business.
  • The e-commerce business plan should include the products that are on sale so that it is easier to look through the customer’s perspective, making it simpler to make a strategy and plan on how to market and sell the products. A market analysis summary is included in which you would write about the market segmentation, an analysis on the industry, competition from other businesses and buying patterns.
  • A business strategy and implementation summary would be part of the e-commerce business plan as it would include the company’s competitive edge over other companies, the marketing strategy of your business, the sales strategy to see how you can increase the sales in a short period of time, the sales forecast which will show a prediction of your sales in the first few months and milestones which will talk about certain problems that you could face.
  • In addition to these the business plan should include a web plan summary that will have different parts such as the website marketing strategy which would explain how you would increase awareness regarding the website and development requirements as well.

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