A WordPress theme can be defined as a collection of files referred to as template files which work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a website. Themes are important as they provide you with control over the look, feel and presentation of the content on your website. Many themes are available for free so that you can simply download and apply them to your website.

However, finding the perfect theme for your website can be a tedious task. Luckily, we have managed to break down the massive library of WordPress themes into logical categories as follows:

  • Free themes

    If you have no budget or you're looking for a simple solution, free themes might be a great option for you. Though they are free, you had better know that they have the following disadvantages.

    Little or no support:

    Free themes do not generate revenue, and so it is unrealistic to expect support from the developers. The developers might not even spare the time even to update the themes in some cases as it takes time and also because of the associated costs.

    Vulnerable to security issues:

    As discussed above, not having a dedicated professional support from developers and irregular updates might expose you and leave you susceptible to security problems.

  • Premium WordPress Themes

    Unlike the free WordPress themes, premium themes come with dedicated support. Premium themes come at a fee, and most of them will require a one-time fee. In some cases, you'll be charged depending on the number of websites you want to install them on.

    Premium themes get regular updates, and so they are not vulnerable to security issues as the free WordPress themes.

    On the downside, premium themes are somehow bloated as they pack more features some of which might not be useful to your site.

    After you've made up your mind and decided to either go for a free WordPress theme or premium one, you can narrow down your choice between going for a single purpose WordPress theme or multi-purpose WordPress theme.

    Single Purpose WordPress Themes

    As the name suggests, a single purpose WordPress theme focuses on a particular type of website. The theme goes as far as targeting a particular industry niche such as fashion, online news, restaurants and so forth. The theme is developed with the particular industry in mind.

    Single purpose themes are known to achieve a bespoke end product. They are not expensive and receive support.

    However, on the downside, single purpose themes have relative limitations. If you intend to change the nature of your business or even expand to other areas, you might find yourself starting a fresh.

    Multipurpose WordPress Themes

    Multipurpose themes are adaptable to a wide range of industries. They come packed with full features and plugins. Upgrading them in the future is easy. Unlike the single purpose ones, should you decide to change your business, you only need to tweak the theme to whatever industry you desire.

    On the downside, multipurpose themes come bloated with features and also because they are created with no specific industry in mind means your specific needs might not be catered for.


If you have no budget or if you simply do not want to spend money, you can opt for a free WordPress theme. There are plenty of reliable free website themes that you can adapt for your website. But, the lack of support and regular updates might cause you a great loss. If you're sure about what you need, then a single purpose WordPress theme would be the best option for you. However, if not sure and feel like you might need to change in the future, we recommend that you go for a multipurpose theme. You can also checkout Shopify's templates to have more options for your final decision.




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